The Italian Farmhouse

Pizzeria e Ristorante

Italian restaurants in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear
and West Rainton and Coxhoe, County Durham

All offering authentic Italian cuisine inspired by the original Italian Farmhouse in Puglia, Italy, but with ingredients course locally in the North East.

Italian Farmhouse at West Rainton, County Durham

Try our more traditional style Italian Farmhouse just off the A690 between Sunderland and Durham, offering time-honored Italian cuisine within a rustic Italian setting.

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Italian Farmhouse Moderno at Roker

Try our Moderno Italian Farmhouse on Roker's beautiful coast line.

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Locally Sourced With a Hint of the Mediterranean

Three restaurants, each with their own individual style and menu, but all sharing the same Italian Farmhouse value of authentic Italian cuisine using a mixture of the finest quality Italian ingredients with only the best local produce for a simply delicious dining experience.

We want Italian dining to be accessible to all which is why we offer healthy eating ‘Skinnylicious’ options, vegetarian and vegan diets as well as gluten intolerance. These options are marked throughout our menus.

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