Nè Creator nè Creatura fu senz’ amore

Neither Creator nor Creature was ever without love

The North East’s hub for authentic
Italian Cuisine.

We offer three sublime culinary experiences depending on
what tickles your fancy

Italian Farmhouse Tradizionale at West Rainton, Durham

Try our Tradicionale Italian Farmhouse right in the heart of Durham, offering time-honored Italian cuisine within a rustic Italian setting.

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Italian Farmhouse Moderno at Roker and Coxhoe

Try our Moderno Italian Farmhouse on Roker's beautiful coast line or the historical village of Coxhoe.

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Locally Sourced With a Hint of the Mediterranean

There are thousands of good restaurants out there but more and more customers want to know that the ones they choose are doing their bit. Choosing sustainable fish, sourcing locally, treating people fairly, recycling waste and improving energy efficiency.

Both of our unique venues pay tribute to not only imported classic Italian ingredients but also produce sourced nearby. Offering the best of both worlds makes for truly fine venues to dine out, whether it be modern or traditional you prefer.

Rest assured that all of our meat is sourced from farms around County Durham. And while Italians are also renowned for their fabulous "gelato" we are proud that our delicious ice cream comes from a littler closer to home - from Archer's in Darlington who use their very own Jersey herd to create the mouthwatering and creamy favourites in a variety of fabulous flavours.

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